Dynamic Leadership Speaker

Leadership Speaker Clare Novak enthralls audiences and engages the "show me" people in the audience. She is delighted to hear the challenge, "So tell me something I don't know already!"

Ms. Novak has delighted audiences at five international conferences, including the World HRD Congress, Mumbai, India. In addition, she is a go to presenter for State SHRM Conferences and Chapter meetings.

"Celebrational!© presentations are a great way to rally and thank already motivated audiences. Celebration is fun and also has benefits individually and collectively for the audience. Why not have fun? Why not recognize all the great ways people help each other throughout the year? Celebrating--It's not just for holidays and miles stones anymore!


Clare Novak, is delighted to have presented at the SHRM Annual Conference in Las Vegas. Ms. Novak's presentation was rated higher than the conference average in every evaluation category!

EBIT-Duh!™ Finance for the HR Professional
has been well received by hundreds of HR Professionals. ASTD and SHRM International Conferences both chose Clare Novak to present on finance for the Training and HR professions. In addition, Clare presented for the World HRD Congress, Mumbai, India.

At the PA and NJ State conferences, the most frequent comment? "Wow, you made that fun and I learned something!" This presentation receives business credits and continues to be popular with HR and Training audiences.

Speaker Clare Novak and Strengths-based Leadership

"Strengths-based Leadership and the Bottom Line" receives great reviews at SHRM Conferences and Chapter meetings. Bring this conversation into your organization.

"Shifting the leadership conversation from fixing weaknesses to leveraging strengths increases all the indicators companies look for. Strengths conversations increase engagement, increase productivity and ultimately add to the bottom line." This straight-forward message has a profound impact on organizations through a simple change in the most common conversations between leaders and staff.

Strengths Evangelist Paul Allen and Clare Novak.

Expand Your Leadership Bandwidth Book Clare Novak

Appreciative Audiences!

I could tell people were VERY interested - you could hear a pin drop because everyone was listening so intently.

Pam Sammarco, Co-Vice President, Programming, Northern New Jersey American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)

Some presenters have great style. Some instructors possess great subject matter expertise. Clare Novak is one of the rare folks with both. More importantly, she delivers useful content to be immediately applies toward better business results.

Mark S. Eichinger, Performance Improvement Specialist, Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.

...such a model speaker - poised, animated, responsive to your audience and dynamite content!!! Mal Conway, Consultant, IBM Learning Services