Leadership Development Plan

Gallup has identified the top 5 characteristics found to be predictors of management excellence. Those top 5 include:  Motivator, Assertiveness, Accountability, Relationships, and Decision-making talents. A comprehensive Leadership Development Plan based on those characteristics benefits your organization by:

  1. Selecting and developing your high potential leaders. You have talented people with a majority of the characteristics who can benefit by development.
  2. Training and coaching for relationship skills builds workforce productivity and satisfaction. Relationship skills help motivate and engage employees.
  3. Ongoing development in business and subject matter expertise insures leaders who are at the leading edge of their field AND know how to tap other talented individuals in the company.

Our services help you select, train and coach leaders in your organization giving you a comprehensive leadership development plan.

High quality relationships between leaders and staff result in increased productivity, going the extra mile for the leader and to a lesser extent going the extra mile for the organization. More importantly, Managers who demonstrate a high level of talent for managing others combined with those who show at least a basic talent contribute about 48% higher profit to their companies than average managers do. Gallup State of the American Managers: Analytics and Advice for Leaders

You reap the benenfits of positive working relationships through our leadership skills training:

  • Active listening
  • Coaching and feedback
  • Relationship building
  • Analytical Thinking Skills
  • Team Building
  • Conflict Management


Leadership Development Plan Experience 

  • Leadership skills training for international clients. These skills enabled management to effectively initiate organizational change to a for profit organization.
  • Active listening skills for managers and supervisors in a wide variety of functions in a county government. Active listening helped build more positive working relationships and higher productivity
  • Coaching training and tools increasing the skills of leaders. Effective with organizations ranging from utilities to not for profit organizations
  • Team skills training resulting in more inclusive use of group brain power and a service oriented culture
  • Healthy conflict produces a more vibrant attention to ideas and approaches. Conducted training for numerous organizations
  • The purpose of training is to improve performance. Well-researched adult learning techniques are your key to improved leadership performance.
  • That's why we use the proven mix of presentation, group discussion, skills practice and action planning. Action planning is each leader's commitment to use the skill he or she most needs to practice on the job.

    Yes, we want bottom line benefits from Leadership Development

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