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Performance improves with coaching. A Leadership Development Plan builds effective leadership for both current and high potential leaders. Leaders role model expected behaviors in your organization, so coaching leaders to perform better is a performance multiplier contributing directly to the bottom line.

Effective leadership development starts with information. Where is the leader at this point in time? Where is the organization overall? Information on a leaders' performance through 360 Feedback can obtain critical information for:

  • Leadership assessment and development
  • Executive coaching
  • Team assessment and development
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of leadership and team training

Based on the data, individual and organization-wide leadership development plans can be focused on both low hanging fruit and long term organizational effectiveness.

Coaching from a strengths-based leadership development plan increases engagement, productivity and the bottom line. Individual and team coaching increases your organizational effectiveness. The most effective coaching gathers, information, works with each leader on a personalized plan and holds the leader accountable for achieving his or her personal development plan. Strengths assessment can build teams, individuals and relationships between departments. Adding Gallup StrenghtsFinder to the coaching relationships gives people a positive way forward that aligns with their personal best.

According to studies by the Gallup organization, people who use their strengths daily are 7.8% more productive. Teams that receive strengths feedback are 8.9% more profitable. Team member are likely to be six times more engaged when receiving strengths feedback and that lowers turnover by 65%. Turnover costs are dramatically reduced when teams use their strengths and have a manager who engages with them around their strengths.

Clare Novak brings the best to all her clients with two StrenghtsFinder Coaching Certifications, Gallup and Strengths Strategy.

 Data Driven Leadership Development Plans

  • Novak and Associates has increased organizational effectiveness in partnership with clients in the following areas:

    • Team 360 feedback for a sales team. Team developed an action plan to significantly increase their productivity
    • Individual 360 feedback in a financial institution. Leaders committed to a personal action plan based on their individual feedback.
    • Executive team members each recieved 360 feedback, coaching and a personal develpment plan with accountabilities in a medical information company.
    • Conducted employee satisfaction survey for 800 person organization. Survey was used to generate an action plan for improved productivity and employee retention.
    • Conducted an organizational survey for a 100 person organization. Data showed that middle level managers were significantly less satisfied with the organization than any other employee group. Executive Leadership met with these managers and developed an action plan giving the managers the tools and help they needed.
    • Values in action survey for manufacturing firm resulting in clear action plan to dismantle silos.

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