Effective Leaders: Born or Made?

Are effective leaders born or made? Yes! Is the answer.

Ever wonder why some leaders are:

  • Great at relationships but don’t hold people accountable?
  • Can’t make a decision because heart and head don’t agree?
  • Are perceived as cold and unapproachable?

Current brain science research addresses all of those issues and more. It enlightens us as to why those issues recur and how to address them. The very biological structure of our brain is the source of those dilemmas.

While most people tend to be stronger in one side of their brain or the other, next generation leaders must learn to use both sides for optimum problem solving and people solving. In addition:

  • Spindle cells may be the secret of the speed of social interaction
  • Mirror neurons establish the biological need for leaders to model behavior
  • Neuroplasticity gives us a brain designed to change in response to experience
  • The greatest predictor of leadership success is EQ? IQ? Personality? Behavioral traits? Are you sure about your answer?

Ms. Novak weaves science and stories to demonstrate why the future will belong to the whole-brain leader and follower.

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