Never Rule Without A Magician, A Sage and A Fool

To Book Clare Novak

Who's got YOUR back? Leadership excellence is easier when leaders wisely enlist three key advisors-Magician, Sage and Fool. Magicians contribute unwavering focus on vision; Sages, deep knowledge and commitment to rule of law. Fools love leaders enough to tell them the truth. Never Rule Without a Magician, a Sage and a Fool: How Great Advisors Help Leaders Soar While Keeping Both Feet on the Ground, transitions leaders from the "lonely at the top" paradigm to leading with comrades in arms. From this interactive experience, the audience can expect to:

  • Walk away knowing exactly what a leader's job description is. Only four behaviors for leaders' success have weathered 5,000 years in the trenches. Do these four things right and experience success.
  • Engage deeply with key advisors who care passionately that you succeed:

    What will your kingdom look like 20 years from now? Is it healthy today enough to get there tomorrow? - Magician Is there rightness to all your kingdom does and says? - SageDid you remember that it's socks then shoes? - Fool
  • Evaluate the current state of your "dream team" of advisors. Who in your in your life fully engages with you as a Magician, a Sage or a Fool?
  • Use the gifts your trusted advisors give you to meet the challenges of running your kingdom.

Novak studied leadership and advisor practices on four continents spanning 5,000 years. Distilled from those practices are the behaviors that survived the test of time and the hard mileage of history.

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