Unexpected Pathways

Clare Novak is a chapter author for Unexpected Pathways: The Journeys of Women in the Workforce. This dynamic book is an inspiration to women of all ages who want to thrive while fulfilling their dreams.

This book examines the career paths of women in each decade of life from their 20's to their 70's. Each of these remarkable women shares her inspirational story. Ms. Novak's Chapter, "Beyond Borders" explores the excitement of a career in international capacity building that crosses the borders of nations and the borders of the mind.

Clare's Chapter Summary

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Never Rule Without A Magician, A Sage and a Fool

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Clare Novak is a natural storyteller and teacher. In her presentation of the material from Never Rule without a Magician, a Sage and a Fool Clare Novak weaves her leadership lessons through the tales that have had us spellbound over the ages. Gather around and listen intently for there are indeed many a lesson to learn from Clare.

-- Valeria Maltoni, Coordinator, Fast Company Readers' Network, Philadelphia <br><br>

Professional organizations and book clubs have benefitted from presentations from the author. In discussion, each group explored the roles of advisors and identified who could best help them move forward to meet their life's goals.


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Rita Bailey Up To Something Partners

. . . a “must-buy” for any HR professional who has not worked directly in Finance. Beginning with the Business Case and ending with “the answers”, the book keeps us involved from beginning to end. Broadening your viewpoint and actually “getting it” when finances are discussed, will not only make your contributions, decisions, and communications better, but will make your job a lot more interesting. Keep it on hand as a reference or refresher.

Marna Hayden, SPHR

Bravo, Clare! It's about time someone published an accounting book for the rest of us!

Do discussions about cash flow, balance sheets, gross margins, capital accounts, and operating expenses make your accounting-challenged brain quiver? Would you rather go to the dentist than to a meeting called by your CFO?

Just when you think you can't read another word about amortization, one of Clare's Shakespeare-like asides reels you in with her natural humor.

Elaine Biech, ebb associates inc.

author, Business of Consulting

editor, ASTD Leadership Handbook