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EBIT-Duh!™  Makes Finance Fun

"Wow, we really need this!" or "It's about time." is some of the most consistent feedback I've received when presenting EBIT-Duh Seminars at conferences. HR audiences, in particular love the interactivity and lively, friendly competition involved in assessing everyone's current knowledge.

Webinar attendees said, "We love the small class size and the interaction. It was like being in the room together." Whether in person EBIT Seminars or EBIT-Duh!™  Webinars, staff can learn enough about finance to add value to their work. In addition to HR teams, many other professionals have benefitted from basic financial knowledge.

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For group rates and to schedule your customized EBIT-Duh!™ course call Clare Novak 484-467-5805. Private, customized EBIT Seminars can accommodate up to 25 professionals.

It's my pleasure to configure EBIT-Duh!™ to your needs. Here are just some of the flexible options:

  • 5 Webinar series on the days and times that fit your schedule. Each interactive, facilitated webinar is approximately 1 hour, including a question and answer period
  • Full day on-site EBIT seminar
  • 2 half day on-site  EBIT seminars
  • Content adapted to your company and/or industry
  • Project managers' version available
  • EBIT-Duh!™ for the front line
  • EBIT-Duh!™ for Administrative Professionals


  • Organizational Strategy and Finance: Understand the link between business and financial strategies and strategic questions every organization should ask
  • Income and Assets: Learn the basics of income streams and financial assets
  • Expenses and Liabilities: Learn about current expenses and liabilities and long term liabilities
  • Tracking the Money: Identify the basic accounting reports, how they are used and how to read them
  • Measures of Profitability: There are multiple ways to position the figures to determine an organizations profitability, or in the case on non-profits, financial reserves.
  • Financial Health: The bottom line is important and so are the ways to look at the long term trends of profitability. Learn two key ways investors measure financial health.

Every public webinar course is limited to 15. Answering your questions and working with you is your ticket to grasping the financial side of business. Audiences have appreciated the content AND interactive webinars that ask for responses throughout. Click on the shopping cart to register.

EBIT-Duh!™ Finance for the HR Professional your free gift with webinar registration.

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Clare's EBIT-Duh!™ Finance for the HR Professional webinar was informative and creative! The basics were easily understood, providing HR professionals with "need to know" information about finances. Clare has an ability to connect with participants and engage them in the process, even in webinar format.

Gail Benkovic, SPHR, HR Manager, Environmental Standards

Even us seasoned manufacturing HR professionals saw the LIGHT. Clare’s easy interaction with participants allowed for an interesting, educational and fun finance presentation. As you follow her presentations (parts one and two) you find yourself grasping how your costs impact that real earnings bottom line. Truly refreshing and worth the investment of time.

Michael Worrell SPHR, Director Human Resources, Bingaman and Son Lumber Inc.