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Discretionary Effort

A Tower Perrin workforce study in 2008 found that:

  • One in five workers is giving full discretionary effort on the job
  • Four out of ten (38%) workers describe themselves as disenchanted
  • Companies with high employee engagement had a 19% increase in operating income and almost a 28% growth in earnings per share
Essentially this study says that 4 out of 5 people working in the company choose to put in enough effort to stay employed but NOT all the effort they are capable of. “Enough effort” is about 60-70% of what any given employee is capable of. Could your company use 30-40% more effort?

If you said “no.” you may have the privilege of working in a company that has chosen leaders and processes that engage people. What does it take, in the employees’ eyes to engage them? To have them choose to put in the extra effort? It takes:

1. Senior Management that is sincerely interested in employee well-being

2. Opportunities to improve skills and capabilities

3. Organization’s reputation being socially responsible

4. Input into decision-making in the employee’s department

5. An organization that quickly resolves customer concerns

6. Setting high personal standards

7. Excellent career advancement opportunities

8. Enjoyable and challenging work assignments that broaden skills

9. Good relationship with supervisor

10. An organization that encourages innovative thinking

Your organization may do some of all of these well already. Which ones do you believe your organization is already accomplishing? Which is the next item that can be developed quickly and efficiently? Look for those quick hits that can improve employee engagement. Clearly leaders impact employee engagement and should be expected to involve staff in decision making, set high standards, develop relationships with staff and when possible, provide developmental assignments.

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