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Leading from Strength
November 21, 2014

Welcome to Business Leadership

If you could increase your personal productivity by more than 7% and feel energized rather than exhausted, would you do it? If you could add nearly 9% to the organization’s bottom line* with employee enthusiasm instead of resistance would you? You’re probably saying “Yes” and maybe even, ”Heck yes!”

As a savvy business leader, you no doubt wonder how that can happen and at what cost. The how is straight forward. Focus on leveraging people’s strength, including your own, rather than on fixing weaknesses. This is the opposite of most performance management systems. Most development plans focus people’s efforts on correcting weaknesses rather than developing strengths. Shifting to a strengths focus is an important one.

What could make more sense than developing your strengths and the strengths of others to become a better leader? “Strengths-based development is unique in that it builds on ones’ areas of greatest potential rather than seeking to shore up weaknesses.”* The leaders’ and employees’ areas of greatest potential are their natural talents. Focusing natural talents to produce consistent near-perfect performance is strength.

Marcus Buckingham and Dr. Donald Clifton, in the long-term best seller, Now, Discover Your Strengths set forth the strengths philosophy. In short, working from strengths is easier and more enjoyable than focusing on weaknesses. We do more of what we enjoy and find it energizing. Therefore, we are more productive. For organizations, that quite rightly need results, it means giving employees work goals with quality, quantity and time parameters and then letting them find their best way to get the work done. People with different strengths can all meet the goals; they will just do it differently. When leaders give people the room to choose the “how” of getting a job done, employees are more engaged and productive.

Clearly, not everyone is aware of their natural talents and sometimes, even when aware, hasn’t developed those talents into strengths. That’s where the Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment helps. This assessment identifies top talents. Once talents are identified, the person can work with a coach, manager or on their own to turn talents into strengths. A strength is achieving near-perfect performance consistently.

As a Certified StrengthsFinder® Coach, we can work together to bring the power of strengths to you and your organization. Imagine your organization with people achieving near-perfect performance consistently.

* Gallup®

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