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Greetings From Islamabad

Willing to bet you just formed a mental image and had an emotional reaction. NATO is front and center in the news. Every news source is using brinksmanship language—US-Pakistan Relations at a Breaking Point! Because of that, you may perceive Pakistan as unsafe for Americans. Reality on the ground is different. Reality is business as usual—more or less. Yes, there are some travel restrictions because the NATO troubles coupled with Muharram observances brings crowds of people together. Crowds, anywhere in the world, for any reason or no reason at all are unpredictable.

Global HR Leadership

Embracing global HR leadership, embracing diversity and inclusion goes far beyond the boundaries of understanding work rules, unions, and social customs. Fundamentally, it must be about looking for what we have in common more often than focusing on differences.

Picture three people dining in a restaurant. Two are middle-aged Caucasian males and one a middle-aged Caucasian female. One man is from South Africa and currently living in Dubai. The other man is Canadian, living in British Columbia. The woman is from outside Philadelphia. On a diversity scale of 1-10, with 10 being extremely diverse, rate the group. On what basis did you choose a number? Gender? Race? Nationality? One more question, where was the restaurant?

The restaurant is in Kuwait. Add to the mix that among them they have visited or worked in a majority of countries in the world. Where is your scale now? In my world, the diversity of the group hovers around zero because of what we have in common. We are global citizens plying our trade, human resources development, everywhere.

In seventeen years of business, I’ve never written about diversity; it’s outside my area of expertise. I recognize the great irony in that sentence. But, the more I travel, the more profoundly I’m befuddled by the US concept of diversity, which focuses on differences—appreciating differences, perhaps, but differences none the less.

From the perspective of a global firm of one, it’s time HR moved from Diversity and Inclusion to Inclusion standing on its own two feet.

Our Work in Pakistan

There are good things happening here. I have had the great good fortune to join a group of ex-pats on a USAID sponsored project in the electric sector. My small contribution is HR and Change Management Advisor.

Our Pakistani partners have been most welcoming and when I first arrived, everyone took pains to be sure I understood that “It’s not like you hear in the news.” Indeed it is not. My year here is something I look forward to with great anticipation.

And yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus—he’s at the Islamabad Marriott.

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