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What you won’t find here is fun food and cute critter leadership. No chasing cheddar necessary, the leadership essentials will be right here. Yes, those visual metaphors are memorable. However, after fish, cheese, and buffalo follow in succession, employees just see them as the “flavor of the month.” So let’s get down to business.

Key Concept Leader/Member Exchange:

The relationship between manager and employee is pivotal in business. On that relationship turns productivity, willingness to go above and beyond, and willingness to offer improvement suggestions.

Business Impact of Leader/Member Exchange:

High quality relationships between leaders and staff generally result in increased productivity, going the extra mile for the leader and to a lesser extent going the extra mile for the organization. There are numerous studies documenting this phenomenon.

High quality working relationships are developed when leaders:

  • Adapt their communication style to the needs of each direct report
  • Develop and build strengths in each direct report
  • Build trust through consistency and follow through
  • Reward informally and formally

If the leaders in your organization consistently do those behaviors, great! If some leaders aren’t performing them, the good news is that behaviors can be learned. So, ask some questions. Does the leader know that these behaviors are important? If not, let them know the value. Does the leader know how to do them? If not, skills practice is in order. Does the leader know how but chose not to practice the behavior? If so, then perhaps coaching can work or simply holding the leader accountable for practicing the behaviors.

When leaders take the time to consistently perform those straight forward behaviors, good things happen. Employees who have a good relationship with their immediate leader tend to see the entire company in a positive light. These employees generally are:

  • More productive
  • Willing to help others
  • Take on more responsibility
  • Better ambassadors for the company
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