Effective Leadership Behaviors

Leadership Behaviors are easy to understand,though perhaps requiring effort to perform consistently.

Kouzes and Posner have develop a straight forward series of leadership practices(behaviors)

These 5 practices line up well with leadership characteristics and traits.

Situational Leadership also relies on a few key behaviors. However Situational Leadership is really more effective management than leadership as it focuses on a small part of the overall picture.

Situational leadership is a good adaptation of manager to follower, in terms of assessing where the follower is on a particular task. This aligns with one part of contributing to a high quality leader member exchange.

Blanchard and Hersey developed a 4 part model:

  • Directing - when an employee is new to a task or job
  • Coaching - the stage in which the employee is doing the task but tentatively
  • Supporting - employee knows the task but lacks some confidence
  • Delegating - employee is up to speed and can handle the job
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